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Family Owned & Operated Since 1978

Another Unbelievable Proxi Story

PROXI is so amazing that even after using and demonstrating it for so many years, the product worked so well last week in a demo in Ottawa, that it amazed me so much I had to take a photo.

The account did not know what the 2 stains were, just that a customer came in and left them on their blue (dirty) carpet.  They tried some other products that of course did not work.  So I suggested "we try spraying some PROXI to see what  happens".  It worked so fast even I was impressed.  It literally turned the stained dirty carpet to the clean blue carpet it is supposed to be instantaneously!!  And without any scrubbing.

All the staff said they were going to buy a bottle to take home and were going to show every one of their customers the carpet in their office area.


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